If you’re interested in how I write, you can find a selection of pieces here. Some are personal, and some were for university assignments, but all should provide an insight into my style.

Creative Fiction

Black Ice | Black Ice Narrated by the author.
Horror. Written for NYC Midnight Micro Fiction Competition.

Symphony of Colours
Written for Australian Writers’ Centre Furious Fiction.

The tram continues on
Crime. Written during a writing workshop, and developed for a university assignment.

Untitled Flash Fiction
Horror. A lonely astronaut and something from beyond.

Untitled Crime Fiction
Something I was exploring with some favourite characters, and developed for a university assignment.

Non-fiction and Essays

The ‘why’ of an editor
Why I prefer to edit rather than write. Originally a personal piece, and later developed for university.

Getting Started with Wargaming
Getting my step-kid into wargames was a sneaky way of practising math. Developed for university.

Roleplaying and Real-World Skills
Creativity. Co-operation. Chaos. Developed for university.

Media influence in politics
A magazine feature developed for a university assignment, but a topic that greatly interests me.