I can provide the following services, tailored to the needs of your project. I also recommend having a look at getting ready for editing.

Only minor edits and corrections – such as spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, or changes to spacing and simple formatting – would be made at this stage.

Light/Copy Editing
Spelling, grammar, punctuation and layout reviews are typical for this level of editing. It also involves ensuring accuracy, clarity and consistency in a project. There won’t be any major changes – such as rewriting or tailoring for an audience – though I will offer suggestions as requested.

Substantive Editing
At this level, large structural or content edits or rewrites would be made to ensure the project is suitable for its audience.
While Proofreading and Light Editing may overlap in some cases, Substantive Editing would only be undertaken with the client’s full understanding.

All editing work will be completed electronically, with mark-up and comments made directly onto digital files. All changes and comments will be tracked for the client’s review, however a clean, final copy of the document will also be provided with all comments removed and all changes accepted.

If you would like to discuss a service or project further, please contact me with details of your requirements for an obligation-free quote.